When I Was a Soldier – 4/10 B.o.t.M.

When I Was a Soldier

When I Was a Soldier by Valérie Zenatti

3stars – 3 stars

Did you know that ALL boys and girls in Israel must serve at least two years in the army after their 18th birthdays? When I Was a Soldier is the true story of 18-year-old Valérie Zenatti’s experiences as a female soldier in the Israeli Defense Force.

While most teenagers around the world are worrying about going to college, hanging out with friends and dating, Valerie must deal with early morning training sessions, terrible mess hall food, and spying on pilots from the Jordanian air force.

After struggling through her initial training, Valerie gets assigned to the elite Israeli Secret Service, conducting top secret surveillance and spying missions. She misses her family and friends, and she’s trying to patch things up with her ex-boyfriend, but she must overcome and fulfill the important duty to her country.

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    i left a melvins cd in one of the last computers by bookshelves. 2nd computer to the end. far right.

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