About the Library

Welcome to the Skyview Middle School Library website! The Library is an excellent academic resource for Skyview students and provides a wonderful place for everyone to learn, explore, and grow, both academically and personally.

Time and time again, research has shown that well-funded school libraries and teacher-librarian collaboration has resulted in improved student achievement and higher scores on standardized tests. Please visit the Why School Libraries are Important page for more information on this research

What can the Skyview Library do for students?

  • Inspire a love for reading and improve literacy by providing access to a diverse collection of fiction and non-fiction books
  • Teach information literacy and technology skills that are essential for student success in the 21st century
  • Ensure access to the wealth of electronic information available on the Internet and in research databases
  • Give research assistance to students working on classroom projects
  • Offer access to regional, nationwide, and global resources so that our student’s needs are never limited by geography or physical constraints
  • Provide a calm and relaxing environment to escape the pressures of adolescence
  • Satisfy your curiosity to learn more about absolutely anything you can possibly dream up