Rules and Policies

Library Rules

  1. Be Respectful
    • To your teachers
    • To you classmates
    • To other classes using the library
    • To library materials and equipment
  2. Be Productive
    • Stay on task doing library work or quietly working on homework
  3. Be Curious
    • Question More…Find More…Know More.
  4. Other Rules
    • No food or drink at any time in the library
    • Enter and exit the library thought the right-hand doors only
    • You must have a pass signed by a teacher to come to the library during lunch or REACH
    • Sign-in when entering the library
    • Leave backpacks outside the library
    • You must have an acceptable use agreement on file in order to use the computers
    • Follow all other school rules and district policies when in the library

Book Checkout Policies

Students typically visit the library for book checkout once every two weeks during their language arts classes.

Students are also free to visit the library before and after school or during lunch periods and Focus providing they have a pass signed by a teacher.

  • Students may check out up to 3 books for a period of 2 weeks
    • Students may check out a maximum 2 comic books/manga for a period of 1 week
  • Fines will not be charged unless a book is damaged or lost
  • If a student has a book that is more than two weeks overdue, that student’s book checkout privileges are suspended until the books are returned
  • Books may be renewed indefinitely unless another student has the book on hold
  • You must have the book with you in order to renew it
  • Magazines, newspapers, videos, and reference books may not be checked out by students