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Get Your Read On!

Get Your Read On!


For obvious reasons, one of the main goals of the Skyview Library is to encourage and celebrate reading. When you find yourself asking, “what should I read next?” just take a look at some of our suggestions to find some great books.


Gordon’s suggestions

  • Want to know which books Mrs. Gordon has been recently reading and what she thinks of them? Check out Mrs. Gordon’s picks.

Card Catalog

Genre Picks

Can’t get enough fantasy books? Or only like to read mysteries? Check out our Genre Lists for some great books waiting to be discovered.

Books of the Month

Every month, Mr. Lewis selects one outstanding book from the Skyview Library’s collection. Take a look at this month’s Books of the Month and see old winners. Try and read them all!

If you like…then try

Already read every Harry Potter? Or maybe you’re on your fourth time reading the Twilight series? Why not branch out a little bit – check out “If you like…then try” for some suggestions of books that are similar to popular series.

8th Grade Honor Books

If you’re an 8th Grade Honors Language Arts student, you can check out these recommendations for your different journal requirements. (If you’re not an 8th grade Honors student, we’ll let you look too.)

Other Book Lists