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General Research
General Research
Search Engines
Search Engines
Ancient Civilizations
Ancient Civilizations
American History
American History
Language Arts
Language Arts

General Research

Online encyclopedia, atlas and dictionary

Librarian’s Index to the Internet
Directory of websites on all subjects

Internet Public Library
Directory of websites on all subjects

Ask Colorado
Chat live with a librarian and get your questions answered 24 hours a day

Colorado Virtual Library for Kids
Great collection of links on all school subjects and some Colorado-specific websites

Search Engines

Google Advanced Search
Waaaay better than regular Google

Wolfram Alpha
Find quick facts, graphs, and statistics for all sorts of topics

Ancient Civilizations

You Wouldn’t Want to Be an Egyptian Mummy!
A fun and detailed overview of the mummification process

The British Museum
A huge collection of Ancient Egyptian resources from the British Museum

Life in Ancient Egypt
A detailed overview of the daily life, burial customs and religious beliefs of Ancient Egyptians from the Carnegie Museum of Natural History

Royal Ontario Museum
A great list of Ancient Egypt resources on daily life, mummification, religion, and art

Life in Ancient Egypt for Kids
Includes history, religion, ancient life, modern life, activities and games, and stories

Kidipede Ancient Egypt for Kids
Informative overview of different Ancient Egypt topics

Ancient Egypt for Kids
Information covering history, daily life and religious beliefs of Ancient Egypt

Kids Connect Ancient Egypt
A list of links to many Ancient Egypt websites


Basic state information like capitals, symbols and population data

Shepphard Software
Review states and capitals with these Geography study guide games State Maps
State maps for elevation, physical features, and much more

CIA World Factbook
The BEST place to go for current information on every country and territory in the world

Jr. Worldmark Encyclopedia of Nations (eBook)
An eBook containing great information on countries of the world. password: eagles

Jr. Worldmark Encyclopedia of the States (eBook)
An eBook containing great information on states of the US. password: eagles

National Geographic State and Country Reports
State and country information for the entire world

USDA State Fact Sheets
State statistics for population, employment, income, and exports.

American History

Newseum – Newspaper Front Pages
Hundreds of newspaper front pages in one place. Also has images of newspaper front pages for important dates throughout history.

UXL Encyclopedia of Native American Tribes (eBook)
An eBook covering all the major Native American tribes of North America. Includes tribal history, tribal culture and important leaders. password: eagles

World War I Reference Library (eBook)
An eBook covering many World War I topics such as battles, weapons and leaders. password: eagles

World War II Reference Library (eBook)
An eBook covering many World War II topics such as battles, weapons and leaders. password: eagles

Language Arts

Teen Reads Author Biographies
Biographies on hundreds of current young adult and children’s book authors.

Scholastic Books & Authors
Directory of author biographies from Scholastic

Educational Paperback Association Top 100 Authors
Fantastic biography resource for the top 100 5th-8th grade book authors


How Stuff Works
Find out how thousands of things work with pictures, illustrations and videos

CDs, Super Glue, and Salsa: How Everyday Products are Made (eBook)
An eBook that describes how common everyday products are made. Password: eagles

Tons of space and astronomy information

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Current weather and ocean data for the United States

US Geological Survey
Geology and geography information for the United States

How Everyday Things Are Made
A collection of 2-3 minute videos illustrating how 40 everyday products are manufactured

Kids Health
Explore the causes, symptoms and cures for many diseases and infections

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Information on hundreds diseases and conditions – causes, symptoms and cures

National Cancer Institute
A-Z list of cancers and information about each one

NASA Rocket Modeler
A computer simulation to investigate how a rocket flies by changing different design variables


Mr. Nussbaum
Directory of Math Games and Websites

Fun Brain
Math Games and much more

Dr. Math
Ask questions and view answers on common math topics


Occupational Outlook Handbook
Find out how much you’ll make, what training you need, and what exactly you’ll do for hundreds of different jobs

Bureau of Labor Statistics Career Finder
Explore different careers based on your interests and skills